Brian is proud and honored to represent Santa Fe in the New Mexico House

Brian grew up in Santa Fe and ran for the State House because he wants his kids -- and all the children of New Mexico -- to be able to raise their families in New Mexico.

Protecting Our Traditions and Creating a Sustainable Future

As our State Representative, Brian is working to:

  • Support education by maintaining funding and improving our classrooms by moving to smaller schools and teaching to children's potential instead of to a test
  • Create jobs and support our local economy through a new State-Owned bank
  • Promote Renewable Energy with innovative new laws making solar energy more affordable
  • Protect New Mexico’s water resources by improving agricultural efficiency and ensuring every community has clean water for drinking and recreation.
  • Hold DWI offenders accountable for the harm they cause in our community
  • Fight Corruption and Insider Deals by examining land trades, supporting ethics reforms and ending pay-to-play
  • Hold polluters accountable by strengthening our environmental laws
  • Protect our traditions in Santa Fe and create sustainable communities
    where our families can raise their children in safe environments. 

Read Brian's Legislation:

Click HERE to visit Brian's official legislative page and to see the bills he's introduced.